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Have You Seen Our New Video? Watch This Before You Give Up On Your Amazon Business

    If you’re a seller on Amazon, you probably know how tough it can be to create the perfect shopping experience. There’s always something that seems to be missing and it can all feel very overwhelming. From hard-to-reach shopping cart abandonment rates to dwindling sales, you might have experienced this firsthand.

    We hear from sellers every day who say they're drowning in data, but don't have the tools to make sense of it. They've come to us asking how to use their customer data, product reviews, and other buyer behavior signals to grow their business on Amazon.

    Check out our recent video we made on how getting the lowdown on your most valuable assets - your customers - can really give you the edge on your Amazon selling performance.

    We created this video to show how seller analytics can help you with these key questions:

    • How can I improve sales, grow my business and increase my profits?

    • Why aren’t customers buying from me?

    • What are my competitors doing that I’m not?

    • Can I afford to spend more on acquiring new customers?

    Watch the video 


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    Using tools like Nozzle analytics for Amazon sellers can help you understand how to optimize your marketing campaigns, see which ads should be running in which locations, understand the types of products that appeal most to your audience, and where new buyers are coming from.

    Want to get closer to your customers? Start your free trial today!Amazon analytics tool

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